Wood and Steel

I sat down this morning and wrote a long letter
to The Mother and The Father and my angel kin.
I tried not to whine, I tried not to whimper
I just need some help with the straits I’m in.

The weak in me wants to hide in the covers,
the strong in me wants to fuss and rage,
the wise in me wants neither nor the other,
I just need escape from this corporate age.

I closed my eyes and sealed up the letter,
the stamp I used was a hope and prayer.
Standing in the sun I began to feel better,
my mind took a breath and my heart did care.

The answer came in a pool of water,
a shadow ‘neath the bank where the salmon are.
An angel singin’ tells me I oughta
let the wise man go, just play the guitar.

“Don’t worry ‘bout the time, don’t worry ‘bout the money,
the instrument lives just let it feel.
The love in you will flow like honey
Give yourself up to the wood and steel.”

Give yourself up,
give yourself up,
give yourself up
to the wood and steel.

young hippie jim


Yep. This is me a long time ago. To hear Wood and Steel, click here:


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2 Responses to Wood and Steel

  1. I really enjoyed listening, Jim thanks for including the link!

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