One Answer

You ask what I believe in,
the question hanging in the air
like a flock of Vaux swifts

poised to dive into a chimney.
Any answer I give will be
trampled beneath the boots of your dogma.

But I answer anyway
because there is a chance
my assumption is as astray as your question:

I believe in the universe,
of which humans are a shockingly
small aspect;

I am in utter awe,
buoyed in an abyss of gratitude
that I am able to behold what little I can;

everything together is
the only perfection I can imagine.
You turn in disgust, bitterly lamenting my lost soul.

I await the next question,
wondering how I can improve my answer.




(Vaux swifts:; earth:

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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2 Responses to One Answer

  1. republic1776 says:

    Reblogged this on republic1776's Blog and commented:
    I agree

  2. republic1776 says:

    I agree, all that is, all that is not, the convoluted chaos, and the empty spaces between, from the smallest particle, to the megolithic collections of particles we percieve in the sky, are all….”god”.

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