Too Damn Dumb

(I just watched a show on OPB about the coverage of the JFK assassination. It brought to mind this old cowboy poem I wrote. Here it is again. jrs)

Narble Furt Lives

He gave up in late nineteen sixty-three
with the death of a young president
still firmly caught on a fence in his mind
where the wind fans desire to intent.
The other hands tried to console him,
but they offered their friendship in vain.
He seldom came back to the bunkhouse
and spent the winter outside on the plains.
He’s just too damn dumb
to come in from the rain.

He met her on a bridge in Frenchglen.
He was fishing, she was walking to the store.
Her face let something in him untangle
as an old wind blew through him once more.
He offered her some conversation.
She laughed and made it quite plain
that old cowboys were still on her menu,
it was something she couldn’t explain.
She’s just too damn dumb
to come in from the rain.

So they joined for a walk by the river.

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2 Responses to Too Damn Dumb

  1. I’m too dumb to come in from the rain, too. And proud of that fact. 🙂

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