A Left-Brain Deal

is a left-brain
Shaping the chatter
like clay
a sculpture
Can it be a song too?
Thawed music?

It’s a left-brain deal,
The right brain
what words are
but doesn’t use them,
I don’t think
The left brain shouts
“I am!”
and wants
to be read.

That’s why it squeezes
the clay
and cares about
the shape
The right brain
just is
The left brain
feels joy
when it’s recognized
The right brain is joy

they work together
In mysterious ways.

(left: anewlifewandering.com; right: consciouslifenews.com)

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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1 Response to A Left-Brain Deal

  1. savannahcase says:

    Im a right brain!! Love your content! Impressive writing skills!

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