Haiku: Each of Us a Star

We all want to shine–
surely, the light from inside,
each of us a star.

(plant: imgarcade.com; person: alamy.com)

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3 Responses to Haiku: Each of Us a Star

  1. Heather Cai says:

    Hi Jim, thank you for your likes and support! I just read your Page and know more about you. I like that your life is interesting and that makes you even more interesting. Also I’m very glad to know about your published books (Great job!). And also, I’m pleased to know you are in Portland – I mean, Portland has been my dream place if I ever visit America. So good to know you! πŸ™‚

    • Jim Stewart says:

      Heather…I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now and have enjoyed it. You have a nice balance of sweet, smart, and raw. I’ve watched your writing (and your English) improve and have enjoyed that. I also like the art you share.

      Portland is a great city, but my wife Laura and I have moved back to the north coast of Oregon. We missed the ocean and feel really good about being back home. Feel free to contact me any time. You can do so from jamesrichardstewart.com.

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