An Example of Daily Writing

(Here's an example of a the beginning of a daily writing session. 
Initially, I made no edits. But I couldn't stand it, so now it's
trying to become a poem. I've changed the original, so my first
effort has been subverted. Silly me. I'll probably keep editing it
until the work no longer feels like creation. Once the start is in
ink,the important thing is to keep going.  jrs)

Blood moon coming tomorrow;
eyes all on high, hoping for
clear enough and no rain.
A dramatic sky—clouds and
patches of stars—would be fine,
maybe even preferred,
like daily obstacles that
educe a story with grit and
a voice like an old friend
with a mug of steaming coffee
come by to visit for no particular reason
other than coffee and to breathe
the same air listening to the sea.
Stories can do that:
come alive and show you how they need to be.
A story will not lie to you
unless it becomes your lie.
Daily writing does not require approval.
All it needs is a curious heart.

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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2 Responses to An Example of Daily Writing

  1. Debra says:

    I hope you had a good view of the beautiful moon, Jim. Your writing is clear and beautiful as well!

  2. Definitely the best advice. Just WRITE. You can edit later!

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