In Her Wings

(for John Prine)

The Universe held me
in her wings today;
I could feel her heart beat
right next to mine.
She gathered all my sadness
and tucked it away
somewhere out past Jupiter
I couldn’t find.

Sometimes you just have
to give it up,
accept the help you need,
lose your prideful bend,
and empty out your cup
into the river you rode in on
and will ride back out,
time and time again.

Oh, it’s mostly what you don’t see
that keeps you wound around your constancy–
Around your constancy.

The Universe held me
in her wings today.

(Wings:; universe:

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4 Responses to In Her Wings

  1. Oh Jim, we both know the enormity folk
    Code was written as it flies…..
    Very touching words of passage my
    It is “ A Big Ol.Goofy World”

  2. AnnieO says:

    Your words say it for us all. Beautiful, poignant, accepting, comforting. Thank you.

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