Preventing Facial Cavities

The eyes met in the mirror for a long smoldering moment. She was luxuriating in a tub of hot scented water and he was valiantly, but vainly, trying to shave with a mangled tube of toothpaste.

“Dear…,” she said gently.

“Mmm?” he responded.

“Why are you trying to shave with a toothpaste tube?”

He stopped, looked at the tube in his hand, and recoiled.

“Why, I thought it was a radio!” he said, aghast.

Slowly, she sank herself deeper into the tub. She would have submerged completely, but her breasts kept her afloat.

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1 Response to Preventing Facial Cavities

  1. laurajak says:

    This is especially funny and surreal what with the woman luxuriating in a tube. It took a moment for me to get that picture in my mind and then I was kind of disappointed when it turned out it really was just a tub. The lifeguarding quality of boobs made up for it.

    Laura K

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