I Shall Go Gentle

(Note: This is my meager answer, for today anyway, to Dylan Thomas’ iconic poem–jrs)

Do not fear this, my child.
I shall go gentle,
I shall not rage,
I shall escape this delightful cage.

It has served me well,
this truth of bone and meat,
this protoplasmic wad,
this dust from stars and sod.

I am but a man, my child,
who has tasted joy and pain
and felt his curious way along,
unraveling his living body song.

I once thought I’d know it all:
the mysteries of skin and breath,
the space between the lines,
the human heart and human mind.

Such fantasy now makes me laugh, my child.
I shall go gentle,
I shall not rage.
You will carry my wonder when I cease to age.

hqdefaulthqdefault (1)luv199-Its-Just-A-Sound

(Upper from Little Big Man: Chief Dan George’s (Old Lodgeskins) “Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it does not.”; Lower from djluvsrecords.com)

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4 Responses to I Shall Go Gentle

  1. themonumentaljackass says:

    The last two paragraphs.

    I hope I will learn all, know all, understand most.

    Another experiment with an expected result?

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