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The Ecology of Gratitude

I’m clearing the decks. Here’s another essay nobody will publish. JimS. Ah, gratitude: a simple way to honor the place in which you find yourself, an emotion that encompasses the breadth of a life and lights the sometimes stony path … Continue reading

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Parenting a Snowlady

She crafted the snowman all by herself. I was there to just lift the second big snowball and head too, but she helped with that, telling me which side was the front. “Do you think the head is crooked?” “Do … Continue reading

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Haiku–Water, Air, and Fire

(Note: this is for birthday mates Cidny Bullens and Rob Carreras.–jrs) Same day, leagues apart, amphibians no longer; water, air, and fire. Spirits free and clear, summertime romance lit us. Now we’re sixty-four. The next twenty years: Passion will drive … Continue reading

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I Shall Go Gentle

(Note: This is my meager answer, for today anyway, to Dylan Thomas’ iconic poem–jrs) Do not fear this, my child. I shall go gentle, I shall not rage, I shall escape this delightful cage. It has served me well, this … Continue reading

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A Thankful Dad

(Note: for Jess and Ben, just because–jrs) Both of you born in the winter cold and dark, which says a lot for early spring romancing. The two of you different and several years apart, but each of you set my … Continue reading

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Silly Old Cat

Silly old cat. You almost made it to twenty. What is that in cat years? You never gave in to mere affection and were loathe to suffer a belly rub. You drew blood from the uninitiated. Maine Coon and who … Continue reading

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To That Which is Not I

You have to start somewhere. Depending on what you’re doing, it is best to start before the ending. I must admit, though, it is not mandatory. Stories can begin with the ending and end with the beginning. However, life as … Continue reading

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