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The wall crawls with stuff I don’t want to recognize. Looking obliquely, the movement reveals insects, each one connected to some choking childhood terror. I watch them through the sheetrock. Thousands of antennae, millions of legs, with an occasional slither. As … Continue reading

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Haiku–Who dat?

Five Olympic rings; one for each continent there? Someone is missing.

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The air is soft and breathes better than anywhere else I could possibly be; there is no pressure from behind, no pressure to the west on this fine grey morning. The horizon is a line bound only by my imagination … Continue reading

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The Last Beach House

It sits hollow near the sand washed up the road where the other houses look like waddling waders, maybe clamming, maybe just enjoying the wet. Old Bill built his bungalow back in the teens when high tide was still a … Continue reading

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Nightmare in Denim

(Note: this came from a nightmare I had when I was small, in Buffalo, NY. Why I still remember it as vividly as I do remains a mystery.–jrs) I cowered in my sleep unable to turn away, unable to awaken to … Continue reading

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Haiku–Arc of Horizon

Morning bends the sun to the task of finding a way to dark of night. It seems always to be uphill to the western arc of horizon. I feel the edge rise; thank goodness for gravity; I’d fall to the sky. … Continue reading

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I materialized in a brightly lit foyer. It was warm. I chose a hallway ahead of me and proceeded along its grey length. Closed doors were lined at regular intervals as my moccasined feet negotiated the smooth carpet. About four … Continue reading

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To That Which is Not I

You have to start somewhere. Depending on what you’re doing, it is best to start before the ending. I must admit, though, it is not mandatory. Stories can begin with the ending and end with the beginning. However, life as … Continue reading

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A Lovely Chaos – from The Talons of Quantum

The long black car slid to a stop. As she approached it she heard the windshield wipers keeping time. It seemed out of sync to her, but she had been out of sync with everything since she woke up. The … Continue reading

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From: History Was, History Is, History Will Be

It began as a joke, but swiftly escalated into an intergalactic incident the likes of which had only been seen some eleven billion times before. It was in this spirit that R.T. Alloyfibre approached his meeting with a most esteemed … Continue reading

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