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Nightmare in Denim

(Note: this came from a nightmare I had when I was small, in Buffalo, NY. Why I still remember it as vividly as I do remains a mystery.–jrs) I cowered in my sleep unable to turn away, unable to awaken to … Continue reading

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Dream–Red Alpaca, Purple Topknot

I’m lying abed, warm but worried over an undefined something. The phone rings: “Hello?” “I miss you. Do you miss me?” “Who is this?” Nothing. “Hello? Hello?” Nothing. I hang up. My wife rolls to her side and kisses my … Continue reading

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The Caper Salad Caper #4

(Note: You’ll have to suffer through this one and one more before I’m willing to let it go. Sorry.–jrs) The trail of capers led them through some bad neighborhoods, places where optimism was a word only, with no meaning or … Continue reading

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Dream of Seashell Water

You chase her with long strides up a series of ramps. You hear her laugh as she stays ahead. She giggles when she changes directions onto another ramp, behind you, leading ninety degrees away. You retrace a few steps and … Continue reading

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Bingo’s Travelrama

Bingo Nudelfug was in Awe. In fact, he had driven all night to get there. Standing loosely in the middle of a broad avenue, he looked out of place in his high-tech fusion sneakers. It was at that moment Bewanda … Continue reading

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