Bingo’s Travelrama

Bingo Nudelfug was in Awe. In fact, he had driven all night to get there. Standing loosely in the middle of a broad avenue, he looked out of place in his high-tech fusion sneakers. It was at that moment Bewanda Dipdowne hit him with her bus. Bingo was everywhere at once. At twice, he was rapidly discorporating. At thrice, Bewanda knew he was the man for her.

After squeegying him into a large plastic bag, she carried him home to meet her mother. Before the introduction, of course, she tossed him into the reincorporator.

When the restoration process finished, Bingo was a tad disoriented. After exchanging pleasantries with Bewanda and her mom, he casually changed the discussion.

“Am I still in Awe?” he asked.

“No,” they replied sweetly, “now you’re in Trouble.”

About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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