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Between Takes in Heaven West

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels rest by the Rio Grande, sharing sushi under a sky of forever blue. Scout and Silver graze nearby. To the south, a tumble of clouds builds over Mexico, rumpled shadows running across the far mesas. … Continue reading

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Getting a flow started is not without consequences. You must overcome gravity even as you rely upon it. Avoiding a mouthful of what you cannot swallow is key.   (top: hikearizona.com; bottom: secretsofthefed.com)

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Penis Ponder

“The problem with men is they were raised by women.” ~Virgie Wicks (1923 – 2000) Our mothers made it up as we went along early on: they loved us, hugged up, scrubbed us, taught us our little appendage was a … Continue reading

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Day Six

(Note: I’ve always enjoyed smoking. Do I feel deprived? Yes. Do I feel good about stopping? Yes. Euphoria comes and goes. It’s an insidious addiction.–jrs) My skin crawls off of me and disappears into the outlet just above where my … Continue reading

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Dream–Red Alpaca, Purple Topknot

I’m lying abed, warm but worried over an undefined something. The phone rings: “Hello?” “I miss you. Do you miss me?” “Who is this?” Nothing. “Hello? Hello?” Nothing. I hang up. My wife rolls to her side and kisses my … Continue reading

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Triple Haiku–Shower Revelation

My pants feel all wrong; Backwards and weird upside-down. I’m in the shower. I’m not wearing pants, the feeling must be in me. Can it be just me? I put the soap down. I hate it when this happens. A … Continue reading

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Excellence Looking for a Home

Felma Sashay moved about the plaza with her uncommon grace capturing every gaze she passed. He rich brown hair swept down from her smooth brown shoulders and barely whisked the tops of the milkshake cups strapped to her ample hips. … Continue reading

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Dream of Wander

I walk through an uneven field of hills and dales above a river flowing to a sea in the nearby distance. I follow a woman I can’t see, but know very well. I turn to my left and see her … Continue reading

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The Caper Salad Caper #5

(Note: Okay. I’m done with this now (probably). And yes, there was a time when cell phones did not exist (think big hair and discos). Thanks for your patience. This is my last post of the year, unless something falls … Continue reading

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Next: The Caper Salad Caper

(Note: This part 2 of a 5-part rewrite of an old piece I started and never finished. The story timeframe is somewhere in the 1970s. I’m poking fun at the genre and also at myself. If nobody likes it, that’s … Continue reading

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