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Haiku: Days of Sand

Sand under my wheels–Ain’t no words for how it feels–Just one of those deals. (Photo: Narble Furt)

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Haiku–Morning Trumpets

Lilies trumpet morning, swaying in the ocean breeze: the color of day. (top: plant-care.com; bottom: wallcoo.net)

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For: the rustle of warm bedclothes; the distant dark noise of the ocean; a coyote yip in the night; the sigh of a lover satisfied; an adversary’s sudden pause; a shared laugh; electric light to write by; books that seize … Continue reading

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Soak and Marinate

The ocean curls over my feet: whale pee, shark pee, my own. If I held a Geiger counter down there and it clicked hard and fast, would it be my feet or Fukushima? So many places washing my feet, so many … Continue reading

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Sound arrives first; ears can see over dunes. Light will bounce too, but shapes may morph into something else. Water will always stretch as far as you can see. Waves will curl and crash, reassuring your heart. Salt smells of … Continue reading

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The Eye

The ocean riles up with the wind, angry and insistent, throwing wave upon wave against walls and stairs, stealing sand to hurl high and heavy atop everything we built and all that we did not. Roofs and thatch scatter, chaff with the … Continue reading

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Water and Rock

The head winds in these times: a gale blown in from the south drives the sea to a craggy appointment. It makes a shuttered room clean, just enough light to warm pen and paper bound with years and a hum … Continue reading

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Convenience Kills

Brilliant colors, white, clear, black– attack my shoreline with a ferocity that indiscriminately kills creatures born to breathe and eat water; even when they eat each other the cycle doesn’t stop. Bent, broken, large, small, infinitesimal: it is indestructible. Long … Continue reading

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The grass, bent with breeze, wets my shoes and pantlegs. It tastes of salt and smells of rain as I stand sinking into the sand beneath. My knees are calm, my heart bright; my senses know when I am home. … Continue reading

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Buddy’s Family Vacation

Dear Biped, I understand you humans like to show off your vacation photos. I won’t get into the details of how we pulled this off, but apparently we’re very charming and photogenic. It seems that humans can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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