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Haiku: Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, come and stay; all the green loves every day. Rain, rain, time to play. (iStock)

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We pack water around everywhere we go. We are veritable bota bags of water. We humans are roughly sixty to seventy percent water. Since learning these factoids, people have been fond of comparing our water mass to that of our … Continue reading

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Haiku: Fitting Flit

I think the word flit was invented by someone watching chickadees.

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Moss spreads through my lawn. It’s green and soft: no mowing. What is wrong with moss?   (top: hdwallpapersfactory.com; bottom: mountainmoss.com)

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The freeway is the ocean, the stars are just as high, but fewer. I am tired, but can still pretend what is real is somewhere near, not a lifetime away. My imagination saves me again.   (top: en.wikipedia.org; bottom: lovethesepics.com)

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Haiku–Adobe Words

Dusty adobe words make a wall I am building, keeping out the wind.   (wall: featurepics.com; home: pinterest.com)  

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My Urban Life

The east wind blows cold, ruffling the hair where it lays against my ears. It smells of fir, river, and traffic. My urban life is a friend with whom I often argue. I always question my place in it. Answers … Continue reading

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The grass, bent with breeze, wets my shoes and pantlegs. It tastes of salt and smells of rain as I stand sinking into the sand beneath. My knees are calm, my heart bright; my senses know when I am home. … Continue reading

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Haiku–The Light in Lightness

Piles taller than me; it’s time to deal with The Stuff, creating lightness. Dredging up the past, memories only to keep; planning to move home. Thirty years hide here, scrabbling beneath profound dust. Maybe we’re crazy.

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Buddy Elks Out an Existence

(Note: Travel day today. We’re headed 993 miles north, back to the northwest winter. I’m okay with that.–jrs) Dear Biped, Lots of grass to eat today. We’re in that big meadow behind your house, which is mostly dark and has … Continue reading

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