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Haiku: Well Rested Bulls (for Martha)

Elk resting easy;We all managed our distance;They were unconcerned. (elk photo: Jim Stewart)

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Buddy’s Family Vacation

Dear Biped, I understand you humans like to show off your vacation photos. I won’t get into the details of how we pulled this off, but apparently we’re very charming and photogenic. It seems that humans can’t get enough of … Continue reading

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Elk on Holiday

Dear Hop-Two-Legs, Did you see us downtown? That was a fun day. It was nerve-wracking for me, but the youngsters had a good time and the females kept them in line. The grass in the meadow by the Ridge Path … Continue reading

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To Grow and Be Safe

Well. You’re both down there now with pieces of my heart, shared like brie on a plate for the enjoyment of this family who loves unconditionally and proffers a home to grow in and be safe. We are emptier than … Continue reading

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Buddy Elks Out an Existence

(Note: Travel day today. We’re headed 993 miles north, back to the northwest winter. I’m okay with that.–jrs) Dear Biped, Lots of grass to eat today. We’re in that big meadow behind your house, which is mostly dark and has … Continue reading

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Buddy Elk Believes

Dear Biped, Spent some time with that dog I mentioned in my last letter and asked him about that baring your teeth thing that had me puzzled. He said you do that when you are amused or happy. Do you … Continue reading

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Buddy the Elk Speaks Again

Dear Narb, Saw you splitting wood the other day. You did wave and I thank you for that, but then you bared your teeth at me, which I found a bit disconcerting. I didn’t see or smell any fear or … Continue reading

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Buddy the Elk Speaks

Dear Narb, Just so you won’t get confused, as you humans so often do, I’ll tell you who this is right off the bat. I’m the one you call Buddy, the big boy with the arrow scar at the top … Continue reading

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