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May December Be

You are younger than my daughter, but you are not my daughter. The rich human history of young women and old men is a cross-grain of joyful noise and heartache. Wisdom is the most valuable attribute in both directions, a … Continue reading

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Clandestine wandering— I like to think that’s how my mind works. My fantasies are all about how special I am and smart and unique. Reality? I’m always unsure. Simple physics: What I see in the mirror is backwards. I have … Continue reading

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Maybe in Another Life

She is a feast of soft lines and deft nooks, a heaviness of promise and allure. Our silent promises cannot be kept. A sharp look of agreement would cut through the hearts of all. Promises we have already made keep us honest … Continue reading

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Snow Poem

(Note: It’s 93 here, so I’ve been thinking of snow. We Oregonians are heat wimps.–jrs) Snow time: gift wrap around all I can see from my perch by the Christmas morning fire. Small tracks split the front yard, seeking sleigh … Continue reading

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The Writings of Ya Hu

(Note: and now for something completely different, in honor of Valentine’s Day.–jrs) The fuzzy rub of hair against the soft skin of his buttocks excited him as he straddled her hips. Her interest grew as he grew, each millimeter of … Continue reading

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Elk on Holiday

Dear Hop-Two-Legs, Did you see us downtown? That was a fun day. It was nerve-wracking for me, but the youngsters had a good time and the females kept them in line. The grass in the meadow by the Ridge Path … Continue reading

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Buddy Elk Believes

Dear Biped, Spent some time with that dog I mentioned in my last letter and asked him about that baring your teeth thing that had me puzzled. He said you do that when you are amused or happy. Do you … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Talons of Quantam (opening of Book II)

A giant hairless man, dressed in exquisitely tanned buckskin, woven through with cunning designs, led him to a vestibule at the north side of the great hall. “I shall be just outside. When you are cleared, I shall take you … Continue reading

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Buddy the Elk Speaks Again

Dear Narb, Saw you splitting wood the other day. You did wave and I thank you for that, but then you bared your teeth at me, which I found a bit disconcerting. I didn’t see or smell any fear or … Continue reading

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Heating Air

Before the sun crests the Cascades and spills into the valley where the river surges north, I’m out walking, arms rhythmically swinging like the gates on a furnace sucking air. A crow on a fence cocks his head and caws, … Continue reading

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