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Snow Poem

(Note: It’s 93 here, so I’ve been thinking of snow. We Oregonians are heat wimps.–jrs) Snow time: gift wrap around all I can see from my perch by the Christmas morning fire. Small tracks split the front yard, seeking sleigh … Continue reading

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Parenting a Snowlady

She crafted the snowman all by herself. I was there to just lift the second big snowball and head too, but she helped with that, telling me which side was the front. “Do you think the head is crooked?” “Do … Continue reading

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Surface Tension

“I don’t mind the snow, it’s the ice, it has no surface tension.” “What do you mean? Of course it has surface tension, it’s ice. It’s hard. I’d say that it’s very tense.” “No. Surface tension is a property of … Continue reading

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