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Haiku: Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, come and stay; all the green loves every day. Rain, rain, time to play. (iStock) Advertisements

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Haiku–Rain’s Kiss

Wet snap rolling through; my hat loosens but stays on. The rain kisses me. (top: katu.com; happy feet: blogs.reed.edu)

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Acceleration Antidote

Rain taps on my window, but I don’t seem to hear. I’m buried in myself again wondering about this year. It’s gone so fast, it’s almost past, and coming to an end. The wind outside is fitful; the wind chime … Continue reading

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Haiku–Inside Day

Rain constantly swirls rolling wet, in from the beach; inside is just fine. The fire warms us: the dog sleeps before the stove. Home is a haven. (beach: pmansbach.com; woodstove: desertcanyonliving.blogspot.com)

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The Eye

The ocean riles up with the wind, angry and insistent, throwing wave upon wave against walls and stairs, stealing sand to hurl high and heavy atop everything we built and all that we did not. Roofs and thatch scatter, chaff with the … Continue reading

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Understanding wet doesn’t make me feel drier; embracing what is. (top: http://www.examiner.com; bottom: nreporter.info)

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Oregon Membrane

(Note: I first heard “snort fort” in Leo Kottke’s “Jack Gets Up” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghHhRklLQzE). I’d love to take credit for it, but can’t.–jrs) An oddly unfamiliar sound seeps to me in my snort fort of sheets and pillows. The dog yawns … Continue reading

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Frame of Reference

Framed by reference: to conform or depart, leaving a trail of bread in my wake. Fearful of the limb end and of not getting lost, I walk on. The familiar holds little comfort, yet the wild universe feels like home. … Continue reading

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Haiku–Bipedal Arrogance

Wet wall gastropod; how sad, I think to myself. The slug laughs at me.   (upper from gardenrant.com; lower from oregonstate.edu)

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Haiku–Damp it All

Drizzle creeps into all of my nooks and crannies. I wear my hat low. (seascape from windows2universe.org; drizzle window from noeleen.eu)

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