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Young Lodgepole Under Snow

White laden—back arched against the brilliant cold— your example locks my admiration and my empathy in an embrace that doesn’t know what to do with itself. My perception puts you in an instant of deep bend, the dance fully engaged, … Continue reading

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The freeway is the ocean, the stars are just as high, but fewer. I am tired, but can still pretend what is real is somewhere near, not a lifetime away. My imagination saves me again.   (top: en.wikipedia.org; bottom: lovethesepics.com)

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Sound arrives first; ears can see over dunes. Light will bounce too, but shapes may morph into something else. Water will always stretch as far as you can see. Waves will curl and crash, reassuring your heart. Salt smells of … Continue reading

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Haiku–Inside Day

Rain constantly swirls rolling wet, in from the beach; inside is just fine. The fire warms us: the dog sleeps before the stove. Home is a haven. (beach: pmansbach.com; woodstove: desertcanyonliving.blogspot.com)

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The air is soft and breathes better than anywhere else I could possibly be; there is no pressure from behind, no pressure to the west on this fine grey morning. The horizon is a line bound only by my imagination … Continue reading

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Convenience Kills

Brilliant colors, white, clear, black– attack my shoreline with a ferocity that indiscriminately kills creatures born to breathe and eat water; even when they eat each other the cycle doesn’t stop. Bent, broken, large, small, infinitesimal: it is indestructible. Long … Continue reading

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Big Rocks — Little Rocks

“Time to make little rocks out of big rocks.” Work is work. I remember: cold clouds slung low, soaking all of us, men and machines thundering through my earplugs and muffs as a thousand drummers play with wild abandon. I … Continue reading

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To play unplugged: acoustic music, the sounds of wood and steel, heart voicing recognition. To share, often, you must plug. Is the music still unplugged? Plugged in: social media to promote; promote what for what? recognition? fame? approval? money? What? … Continue reading

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Haiku–Good Men Gone

Good men gone away: one a friend, one an icon. I am lesser now. But I am also fuller from their influence and their example. (Gabo from januarymagazine.com; bench from coastalliving.com)

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Haiku–The Heart of My Matter

Music spins from me; my tears, my laughter are one. Sometimes, I’m singing.     (guitar from fineartamerica.com; books from pitchfork.com; bottom: live at the Relief Pitcher)

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