To play unplugged:
acoustic music,
the sounds of wood and steel,
heart voicing recognition.
To share, often, you must plug.
Is the music still unplugged?

Plugged in:
social media to promote;
promote what for what? recognition?
fame? approval? money? What?
Follow the music.
I am uplugging.

unplug1 unplug2



(cyborg: 123rf.com; owl: visittheoregoncoast.com)


About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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6 Responses to Unplug

  1. Don’t play the chords of Fame

  2. I’m amazed that I unplugged for most of Friday. Here’s to your weekend, Jim.

  3. Fager says:

    Twice. Ya got me twice. Now get out and get me thrice. And let’s plug in for one more soon.

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