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Haiku–Cardinal Sin

A Cardinal sin might be pedophilia; or poop in the nest. (Cardinals: religionandpolitics.org; Cardinal: wallpapercave.com)

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Haiku–Cawing Me Out

Two crows with a nest tell me they’ll peck my eyes out if I don’t move on. I say it’s okay and try to talk back to them. They do not listen. It’s not until I start laughing that they … Continue reading

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Haiku–Robin Greeting

Robin’s good morning greets the sky’s earliest light; darkness ebbs to grey.   (left: iacmusic.com; right: imgarcade.com)  

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To play unplugged: acoustic music, the sounds of wood and steel, heart voicing recognition. To share, often, you must plug. Is the music still unplugged? Plugged in: social media to promote; promote what for what? recognition? fame? approval? money? What? … Continue reading

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