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Haiku: For Brian

My friend, if I could exchange places with you now I most surely would. Advertisements

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Haiku–Cawing Me Out

Two crows with a nest tell me they’ll peck my eyes out if I don’t move on. I say it’s okay and try to talk back to them. They do not listen. It’s not until I start laughing that they … Continue reading

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No Place to Land

The eaves sing their songs, odd harmonies swirling with gulls as they wheel worried among the masts. The crows are hunkered somewhere in the green watching the blustery sway. The chickadees hold tight as near the trunks as they dare. … Continue reading

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Frame of Reference

Framed by reference: to conform or depart, leaving a trail of bread in my wake. Fearful of the limb end and of not getting lost, I walk on. The familiar holds little comfort, yet the wild universe feels like home. … Continue reading

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