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Mystery Bird

A whirring tumble of notes; a small dark bird I cannot identify— no name where the song might hang. There is only sound. This morning arpeggio startles me. I find the singer on a high wire beak open, breath inflating … Continue reading

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Haiku: Fitting Flit

I think the word flit was invented by someone watching chickadees.

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Haiku: Comfortably Close

Little squirrel chirps six feet from my smiling face: half-hearted scolding. (

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I lean, very still. A young Junco, unaware, hops across my foot. Community is all of us, hearts in concert, living together. (dark-eyed junco:; junco feeding cowbird:

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Haiku–Punk Bird

Steller’s jay squawking: the bird with a punk haircut lets me know he’s there.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Bird Morning

Screet, screet, dut-dut-dut; yoodle oot, yoodle oot, oot; the birds awaken.   (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–Loosely, In the Sky with Diamonds

The sun lights the birds: tight formation diamonds; Loosely, in the sky. (lovely bushtit:

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Gossamer threads run from tree to leaf, leaf to ground. Mornings are my time. (top:; bottom:

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A simple pine cone: lying alone on the ground. It needs a squirrel. (top:; bottom:

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Haiku–No Glasses

Seeking fresh protein, a small fuzzy morning bird walks up a tree trunk.   (top:; bottom:

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