Haiku: Well Rested Bulls (for Martha)

Elk resting easy;
We all managed our distance;
They were unconcerned.

(elk photo: Jim Stewart)

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10 Responses to Haiku: Well Rested Bulls (for Martha)

  1. They are beautiful!!! Wow!

    • Jim Stewart says:

      Our little town has an abundance of elk. Sometimes we see them every day. Other times they disappear into the dunes and do whatever they do. The herd is well over a hundred strong. The north coast has several herds.

    • Jim Stewart says:

      Our proximity to them makes some people forget they are wild animals who have killed dogs and threatened people. They are not pets. They are not friends. The best they will ever do is consider you part of the herd and that is incredibly rare. The bulls are the brawn and the cows are the brains. The matriarchs lead and make most of the decisions.

  2. Swinged Cat says:

    I’ve never been able to get very close to an elk. The only exception being a trip to Mount Rainier where they were just lounging by the side of the road pretty oblivious to my presence.

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