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To play unplugged: acoustic music, the sounds of wood and steel, heart voicing recognition. To share, often, you must plug. Is the music still unplugged? Plugged in: social media to promote; promote what for what? recognition? fame? approval? money? What? … Continue reading

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To Grow and Be Safe

Well. You’re both down there now with pieces of my heart, shared like brie on a plate for the enjoyment of this family who loves unconditionally and proffers a home to grow in and be safe. We are emptier than … Continue reading

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To That Which is Not I

You have to start somewhere. Depending on what you’re doing, it is best to start before the ending. I must admit, though, it is not mandatory. Stories can begin with the ending and end with the beginning. However, life as … Continue reading

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Furniture Marches On

You lie face down in a big bed and wonder how you can breathe with a pillow clamped around your face. Your mouth tastes of feathers and you smell your own acrid drool. You jump at her voice when she … Continue reading

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