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Here: too warm for Spring, not hot enough for Summer– a nameless season. (figtreepress.co.uk/liminal.htm)

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When the Dream Begins

When the dream begins you are not quite there; you love her rumpled face with the thousand-yard stare, and the dream begins. When the dream begins you focus on the now, you see the path ahead, but you don’t quite see the … Continue reading

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Gears Go Still

The brain spring goes flat, unwinding with a sound somewhere between a hiss and a sigh. The clutch goes in; the gears slowly spin to still; the light goes out; the secret world chuckles: “my turn.” All I can do … Continue reading

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Bluebird Words on a Raptor Day

Seldom does it do any good to read a poem as you fall asleep. The page flashes two, three times and suddenly you know there is no going on. Surrender is sweet. Sometimes, the unread poem gets trapped and the … Continue reading

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Ease Easy

To find a place of ease is not easy. Step outside your comfort zone I’m told. Do those things few people are willing to do. Nurture your dream; do not relent. Have confidence in your humility. (umbrella from parkirsaha.blogspot.com; bench … Continue reading

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Haiku–Time Eyeball

Big picture eyeball at the center of my head; now is now the past.

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The Rules

I have been told to never open a story with weather and I have always asked why. Does it lead to cliché? Sometimes my morning opens with weather and I move through the story of my day from that beginning. … Continue reading

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A Question for Cheryl

I should have knelt in the street, put my head in your lap, and let you stroke my hair. But we didn’t know. We were ten. Would you have grown into a woman who found a cure for what killed … Continue reading

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A Frog for Cheryl

(Note: This is a reprint of a poem I published years ago in Licking River Review. Not sure why, but I’ve been thinking about my long-gone friend Cheryl, who died when we were ten. The poem also appears on jamesrichardstewart.com.”) … Continue reading

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Haiku–Got Dreamed and Missed It

The dream was sexy. Remembering why is vague. Loveliness leads on.

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