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Haiku: Waiting for Three

What is it about two o’clock, the bitching hour? Dreaded double-strike. The eyes snap open, no retreat from wakefulness– it’s just a poem.

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Regular Days

Sunlight befriends a digital stream of virtual heavy lifting, the meat of work devoured; tasks fall like pistachio husks. Night shadows a stream splashing the bowl when the hours are shy and don’t care who you are. I prefer the … Continue reading

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Warm and Round

The night is still and round. An ocean rises from city traffic as my skin rejoices the fan whirling from the ceiling. I sit where the dog sleeps when he’s here. I can almost hear his stir and stretch as … Continue reading

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Gears Go Still

The brain spring goes flat, unwinding with a sound somewhere between a hiss and a sigh. The clutch goes in; the gears slowly spin to still; the light goes out; the secret world chuckles: “my turn.” All I can do … Continue reading

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Haiku–Shuffling to Nowhere

There is nothing more distracted than a tired old truck driver lost.   (from

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Bluebird Words on a Raptor Day

Seldom does it do any good to read a poem as you fall asleep. The page flashes two, three times and suddenly you know there is no going on. Surrender is sweet. Sometimes, the unread poem gets trapped and the … Continue reading

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Haiku–Somnolent Catbox

Thanks, Mr. Sandburg: Sleep comes on little cat feet; paw prints in the brain. (Dali from chronicfatiguediagnosis; polar bear from; kitty from

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