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Thank you for my companions: this journal; this pen; this heart full of my blood; my blood in the hearts of others; my heart in the hearts of others; the quivering guitars; the gift of music holding me fast; this … Continue reading

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May December Be

You are younger than my daughter, but you are not my daughter. The rich human history of young women and old men is a cross-grain of joyful noise and heartache. Wisdom is the most valuable attribute in both directions, a … Continue reading

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Little One (for Reese)

Little one, you are what precious means, your brand new feet are your favorite toys. Your gurgle girl smile melts my heart. I want to watch you grow into a lovely young woman, to feel the grace of it as … Continue reading

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Peace and Fire

We kissed: lips groping without knowing, hands benign and trembling, timid and still. You were a gift I did not understand. I had no way to accept the strange dichotomy of peace and fire. When I moved away to California … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of the Deeper

Would I know your face now? I like to think I would, but memory is an often tricky thing; I’ve known it to add and to subtract. What I know as true may not be; where I’ve been may not … Continue reading

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Admiring a woman’s parts: curve of derriere, swell of breast, turn of legs, smooth of back, arch of neck, all clichés in a greater whole. When I am lost in cliché, my shrug says I’m hard-wired to look. It’s admiration, … Continue reading

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Haiku–Music is Home

(Note: had the privilege to attend a Jerry Douglas concert last night. He is astonishing.–jrs)  Flashing fingers and steel on bronze has me happy to be in the world.

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Haiku–Water, Air, and Fire

(Note: this is for birthday mates Cidny Bullens and Rob Carreras.–jrs) Same day, leagues apart, amphibians no longer; water, air, and fire. Spirits free and clear, summertime romance lit us. Now we’re sixty-four. The next twenty years: Passion will drive … Continue reading

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Haiku–Good Dog, Happy Man

(Note: I came up with this for a comment on Shutterbug’s blog at 575live.blogspot.ca. I liked it, so I’m putting it here, too.–jrs) Greeting ritual: Bub, you are such a good boy! Happy hug and wag. (This is my grandpuppy, … Continue reading

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Haiku–Live Music

Music from the heart embraces Anacortes; salty wings we are. (My great good friend Ernie Theriot and me remembering the Gris-Gris Band.)

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