Haiku: Ninety or Nothin’

(For my friend and compadre Bud Hedrick on his 90th birthday, May 22. ~JimS)

Birthdays and race days
can both have the same feeling:
ninety or nothin’

(Motorcycle: checkers.com; Bud and Jim: Jim; and go visit https://budhedrick.blogspot.com/)

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6 Responses to Haiku: Ninety or Nothin’

  1. Swinged Cat says:

    Considering the aging biker population headed for Sturgis, ninety may very well be a reality for many of them!

    • Jim Stewart says:

      Yeah…at least they still have the hill climb event, which is why the whole thing started. Sturgis is an institution and will likely be so for as long as motorcycles exist.

  2. Love the sentiment. Clicked on to Bud’s blog and was treated to some gorgeous images and words that warm my heart with the memories they evoked.

  3. Sid Alpert says:

    Knew Bud back in 70’s when he was on Crosby’s schooner The Mayan in Lahaina. Had my schooner Lavengro in Lahaina harbor. Fantastic that bud still with us. Remember photos DAVID showed me of Bud swimming under water on back of humpback whale. Great times!

    • Jim Stewart says:

      He is the real “world’s most interesting man.” I was aboard the Mayan the first time it was redone (after David had it) in Lido Shipyard (Balboa Island, Newport, CA). Glad you stumbled across this. I hope to spend some time with Bud and Casi in October, making as much music as we can. He built a beautiful 12-string guitar for me this year.

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