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Haiku–Good Dog, Happy Man

(Note: I came up with this for a comment on Shutterbug’s blog at 575live.blogspot.ca. I liked it, so I’m putting it here, too.–jrs) Greeting ritual: Bub, you are such a good boy! Happy hug and wag. (This is my grandpuppy, … Continue reading

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Haiku–Live Music

Music from the heart embraces Anacortes; salty wings we are. (My great good friend Ernie Theriot and me remembering the Gris-Gris Band.)

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The Rest of the Way

(Note: this is a Lai poetry form. Like most of us, I’m stumbling along, trying to find my glasses.–jrs) There comes a time to round the bend and head for home to grudgingly contend with chores undone and animals to … Continue reading

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A Question for Cheryl

I should have knelt in the street, put my head in your lap, and let you stroke my hair. But we didn’t know. We were ten. Would you have grown into a woman who found a cure for what killed … Continue reading

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Surface Tension

“I don’t mind the snow, it’s the ice, it has no surface tension.” “What do you mean? Of course it has surface tension, it’s ice. It’s hard. I’d say that it’s very tense.” “No. Surface tension is a property of … Continue reading

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To Grow and Be Safe

Well. You’re both down there now with pieces of my heart, shared like brie on a plate for the enjoyment of this family who loves unconditionally and proffers a home to grow in and be safe. We are emptier than … Continue reading

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Novel Opening–Question

(Note: What follows is the opening for a novel I’ve “finished.” The reason I’m posting it is to get some feedback. The genre is literary action/adventure (is there such a thing?). The basic question I’m trying to answer is: would … Continue reading

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The Glow…continued

(Note: This is a continuation of “The Glow” that was posted on October 17.–jrs) The siren refused to get closer and faded away altogether. It was the first road noise Bob had heard up here in years. He wondered about … Continue reading

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Ironwood Continues from Yesterday

(Note: This follows yesterday’s opening chapter. I may be absent for a bit. I have writing to do.–jrs) Homicide detective Tom Hannarty stood in my office with his chin in his hand as the coroner’s people took the body down … Continue reading

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Now Your Leg Can Feed Your Heart

“That’s where they got the replacement parts,” you say as you point at your shin. I look and sure enough there is a slice on the inside of your leg, neat butterflies, from your ankle halfway to your knee. Then … Continue reading

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