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Shameless Plug

Okay. Another shameless plug: The collection goes live tomorrow.

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A Poem Comes

My impatience robs me of my observance, but sharpens my pen. I slice my ego into quivering hunks of silvery fatback, sputtering in the skillet I heat with my heart. Shame fits me too well. I am only as good … Continue reading

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Getting a flow started is not without consequences. You must overcome gravity even as you rely upon it. Avoiding a mouthful of what you cannot swallow is key.   (top:; bottom:

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Penis Ponder

“The problem with men is they were raised by women.” ~Virgie Wicks (1923 – 2000) Our mothers made it up as we went along early on: they loved us, hugged up, scrubbed us, taught us our little appendage was a … Continue reading

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Sodium and Chlorine

(Note: this is not supposed to be a scientific treatise on how synaptic transmission works. The ionic chemistry in a synapse is quite complex. All I’m trying to do, here, is experiment with how I perceive things in a poem.–jrs) … Continue reading

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Blank Page

The blank page stares. It knows your weakness, is your weakness. It knows how you felt when you shot that small songbird when you were ten. It knows how you were drawn: smudged charcoal lines, very little ink, almost no … Continue reading

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Admiring a woman’s parts: curve of derriere, swell of breast, turn of legs, smooth of back, arch of neck, all clichés in a greater whole. When I am lost in cliché, my shrug says I’m hard-wired to look. It’s admiration, … Continue reading

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