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Ochoco Reach Available for Pre-order

Suddenly, I’m an “official” author. My debut novel, Ochoco Reach, is available for pre-order on both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. When the ebook is ready, it will appear in those places, plus iBooks and the other usual outlets. If … Continue reading

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Lucky Me

Awake to the dark, front lobes assessing: damage minor. Glee seeps from my brainstem, revelry managed well; thoughts slowly connect. Tendrils of ground beans snake up my nose, anticipation warms its hands around my heart. Music tomorrow: lucky me. (top: … Continue reading

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Haiku–Liquid Gas

Fishing is a joy; knee-deep in so much liquid. What a total gas! (top: trout-fly-fishing.com; the beav: riversbendflyfishing.com)

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Haiku–Last Leg

Last leg underway; the roar is on the outside; both my ears are full.   (top: postadvertising.com; bottom: seatmaestro.com)

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Unruly Rodeo

Oh, to be a careful writer, dotting eyes and crossing tees, always sure of being ruly as my thoughts tumble to the page in ordered eloquence, perfectly coiffed and savored by readers as fine wine. Reality, though, finds this notion … Continue reading

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Maybe in Another Life

She is a feast of soft lines and deft nooks, a heaviness of promise and allure. Our silent promises cannot be kept. A sharp look of agreement would cut through the hearts of all. Promises we have already made keep us honest … Continue reading

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Sodium and Chlorine

(Note: this is not supposed to be a scientific treatise on how synaptic transmission works. The ionic chemistry in a synapse is quite complex. All I’m trying to do, here, is experiment with how I perceive things in a poem.–jrs) … Continue reading

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Fun Monkey

The monkey is fun to talk to when he hops off my back to shoot the breeze and chew the fat. I cannot smoke the peace pipe now, my tribe is at war with the monkey; he doesn’t care, he … Continue reading

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Haiku–Bright Rum

(Note: sometimes, these just write themselves. 🙂 –jrs) Rum is of Nature: sugar cane and a bright brain. I am all for it. (sugarcane: bubblews.com; 1 Barrel: uncommoncaribbean.com)

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Nightmare in Denim

(Note: this came from a nightmare I had when I was small, in Buffalo, NY. Why I still remember it as vividly as I do remains a mystery.–jrs) I cowered in my sleep unable to turn away, unable to awaken to … Continue reading

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