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Haiku–Moving Feast

So many things done. So many things yet to do. Life is a full plate. (Hemingway quote from imgfave.com; full cup from smblog.proton.in)

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Novel Opening–Question

(Note: What follows is the opening for a novel I’ve “finished.” The reason I’m posting it is to get some feedback. The genre is literary action/adventure (is there such a thing?). The basic question I’m trying to answer is: would … Continue reading

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The Glow…continued

(Note: This is a continuation of “The Glow” that was posted on October 17.–jrs) The siren refused to get closer and faded away altogether. It was the first road noise Bob had heard up here in years. He wondered about … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “Death is Easy”

(Note: This is an excerpt from a Mike Ironwood novel I’ve “finished” and am now rewriting. For the sake of context, Daniel is Mike’s half-brother who is also half Nez Perce. ~jrs) When we got out of bed Bucket came … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Talons of Quantam (opening of Book II)

A giant hairless man, dressed in exquisitely tanned buckskin, woven through with cunning designs, led him to a vestibule at the north side of the great hall. “I shall be just outside. When you are cleared, I shall take you … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Talons of Quantum

Riffhawk went to the broad open window and stared out over the valley below. He sighed deeply. Hearing a rustling behind him, he turned to see a small grey falcon emerge from his pack. She flew to his shoulder. He … Continue reading

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Flowerhead Flow

He rode a dendron out to the Frontal Lobes. The track was wild and thought wind buffeted him mercilessly clear to the Optic Chiasma. Blue sparks snapped around him as he negotiated the unique terrain. Rounding a particularly treacherous wad … Continue reading

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