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Admiring a woman’s parts: curve of derriere, swell of breast, turn of legs, smooth of back, arch of neck, all clichés in a greater whole. When I am lost in cliché, my shrug says I’m hard-wired to look. It’s admiration, … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “Death is Easy”

(Note: This is an excerpt from a Mike Ironwood novel I’ve “finished” and am now rewriting. For the sake of context, Daniel is Mike’s half-brother who is also half Nez Perce. ~jrs) When we got out of bed Bucket came … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels

Rhinestones on the bushes, gossamer in the trees, when you hear her call your name it drives you to your knees. The sky will build cathedrals that rise beyond your sight, the leaves will show their colors and lift you … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Get To Finish

He stares loosely into the golden blue depths of her eyes, watching the dark shapes swim there, keeping to the shadowy deep. He guesses them to be piranha and decides not to go swimming. Maybe tomorrow after another long hopeful … Continue reading

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Bow and Sinew

I am alive at the vee of your legs contemplating your most moist embrace, marveling at the muscles that mothered my fatherhood a generation ago. As your back arches into a bow, my arms knot and I rise to press … Continue reading

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Dream of Seashell Water

You chase her with long strides up a series of ramps. You hear her laugh as she stays ahead. She giggles when she changes directions onto another ramp, behind you, leading ninety degrees away. You retrace a few steps and … Continue reading

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