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Excerpt from The Last Salmon

(Note: this is a quick excerpt from my story The Last Salmon (first published in Rattapallax). It’s also in my collection White Ravens–And More Stories (click the link to the right).–jrs) He almost missed his turn. The flashing yellow light … Continue reading

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Beginning: The Caper Salad Caper

The day dawned dirty, like the unspoken fantasies of a TV evangelist. Liggnum rolled over and blinked at the grey light filtering into his closet of an apartment. His eyes burned and his mouth felt like a family of spiders … Continue reading

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The Glow…continued

(Note: This is a continuation of “The Glow” that was posted on October 17.–jrs) The siren refused to get closer and faded away altogether. It was the first road noise Bob had heard up here in years. He wondered about … Continue reading

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The Glow

“You gonna shoot me with that?” The stranger did not look particularly concerned as he stood next to the tree that had sprouted when Bob’s grandpa was a kid. It stretched over a hundred feet to the sky now and … Continue reading

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Angel of Revenge

His neck was getting sore from looking up over his left shoulder at the IV bag. A long feed snaked from the bag’s bottom and slithered into the plastic port on his left forearm. He could not shake the dread … Continue reading

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