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Haiku: Days of Sand

Sand under my wheels–Ain’t no words for how it feels–Just one of those deals. (Photo: Narble Furt)

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True Gravity

I hope everyone reading this is having (or had) a special wonderful day. Gratitude is a driving power in the Universe. We all should exercise it more often. Every. Single. Day. This is from Michael Murphy, author of Golf in … Continue reading

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Birthing a Day

You can hear the ocean early in the morning from here, this house hunkered on the hill, the back side of Soledad Mountain. Mexico is way out there and the lights of downtown muted by salt air rising from Mission … Continue reading

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The Glow…continued

(Note: This is a continuation of “The Glow” that was posted on October 17.–jrs) The siren refused to get closer and faded away altogether. It was the first road noise Bob had heard up here in years. He wondered about … Continue reading

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Heating Air

Before the sun crests the Cascades and spills into the valley where the river surges north, I’m out walking, arms rhythmically swinging like the gates on a furnace sucking air. A crow on a fence cocks his head and caws, … Continue reading

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Three Bens and a Maybe

It began, as adventures often do, on a regular day with normal weather. It was a Tuesday, I think, and the weather was damp and cold. Great low-hanging clouds drifted up the mountain from the ocean and ripped their bellies … Continue reading

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