True Gravity

I hope everyone reading this is having (or had) a special wonderful day. Gratitude is a driving power in the Universe. We all should exercise it more often. Every. Single. Day.

This is from Michael Murphy, author of Golf in the Kingdom:

“True gravity connotes the joining of awareness, delight, and embracing-force. But our modern world and its dominant philosophies work to separate them. True gravity is an experiential reality; a force-at-large in the world, the omnipresent heart power or feeling-force that permeates all things.”

~M. Murphy


(Looking southeast from between the 12th green and the 13th tee box at Gearhart Golf Links, the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi. Taken by yours truly.)

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4 Responses to True Gravity

  1. john allen says:

    I know what heart power is.

  2. Debra says:

    I absolutely love this quote, Jim. I like “feeling force,” and let’s pass that on.

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