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Cleavage Trap

Her passionate eyesheld mine as she elegantlyvoiced her heart’s intent.When she looked awayI snuck a peek into her cleavageand immediately looked up,embarrassed, apologizingto the sky and allthe women in my heart.But I chanced another glance as soon as I could. … Continue reading

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Haiku–Bright Rum

(Note: sometimes, these just write themselves. 🙂 –jrs) Rum is of Nature: sugar cane and a bright brain. I am all for it. (sugarcane:; 1 Barrel:

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I materialized in a brightly lit foyer. It was warm. I chose a hallway ahead of me and proceeded along its grey length. Closed doors were lined at regular intervals as my moccasined feet negotiated the smooth carpet. About four … Continue reading

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Excellence Looking for a Home

Felma Sashay moved about the plaza with her uncommon grace capturing every gaze she passed. He rich brown hair swept down from her smooth brown shoulders and barely whisked the tops of the milkshake cups strapped to her ample hips. … Continue reading

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The Caper Salad Caper #5

(Note: Okay. I’m done with this now (probably). And yes, there was a time when cell phones did not exist (think big hair and discos). Thanks for your patience. This is my last post of the year, unless something falls … Continue reading

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More: The Caper Salad Caper

(Note: This and the next installment are utterly ridiculous, but they sure were fun to write.–jrs) “Cause of death?” Liggnum stood with his legs spread and his chin cupped in his hand. The smoke from his cigarette curled up along … Continue reading

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Next: The Caper Salad Caper

(Note: This part 2 of a 5-part rewrite of an old piece I started and never finished. The story timeframe is somewhere in the 1970s. I’m poking fun at the genre and also at myself. If nobody likes it, that’s … Continue reading

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