Sodium and Chlorine

(Note: this is not supposed to be a scientific treatise on how synaptic transmission works. The ionic chemistry in a synapse is quite complex. All I’m trying to do, here, is experiment with how I perceive things in a poem.–jrs)

A clever combination enables
the paths our thoughts follow through
the labyrinths of our brains.
The Chlorine atom must find
an extra electron to become a chloride ion
before it can marry the Sodium in
an ironic iconic bond that enhances
the Hydrogen and Oxygen partnership that
enables all Life we know here.
That’s Life with a capital ‘L,’
not just the trendy stuff.
Salt helps direct the traffic;
the information forming, appearing, building,

until we have an idea, becoming a thought,
becoming a feeling that remembers the
synaptic sequence we created.
We created. Yes. We do that.
We create who we are and we create
who we appear to be, which can
be very different from each other.
The gap between who we are
and who we appear to be
is where Art lives.
When I drop by and he invites me in,
I touch everything at once.
This makes Art laugh and
I thank it all, including the salt.



(top:; bottom:

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6 Responses to Sodium and Chlorine

  1. Fager says:

    I think I need some potato chips. And a beer.

  2. You say you’re in a funk, but I don’t see it here. I’ve od’d on salt in the past couple of weeks. The fluid I’m retaining (and I refuse to call it weight gain) is proof of it.

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