Big Rocks — Little Rocks

“Time to make little rocks out of big rocks.”
Work is work.
I remember:
cold clouds slung low, soaking
all of us, men and machines
thundering through my earplugs and muffs as
a thousand drummers
play with wild abandon.
I walk the circuit of jaws and belts,
cleaning here, oiling there, driving
old trucks to precarious positions,

blessing the rusted metal keeping the rain
off my steaming wet self.
Making big rocks little taught me much
about wanting to make a living
with my native intelligence
rather than my native strength and agility.
Fast forward forty years and
I’m still making little rocks
from big rocks; the only differences are
the tools and the roof above me.
Work is work.



Trees of Vancouver

(top:; middle:; bottom:

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2 Responses to Big Rocks — Little Rocks

  1. Interesting how some things never change, right?

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