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Haiku–Facing Dichotomy

Arise with the sun; Gasoline gets me to work. Today is Earth Day.

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A Sequence Spoken

A poet is a person who makes snapshots, moments in a sequence spoken like the tree falling in the forest: kinetic images for who would listen. Judgment has little to do with truth; merit is wholly subjective. We align if … Continue reading

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Haiku–Sticky Feet

Social media: a flypaper walk all day. Such is selling books. (from fredcavazza.net)

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No Reading Tonight

Sitting on the bed is like winning the lottery; the pillows beckon and the fetus I sometimes am will curl and sigh. The book at my bedside beckons, also, with insight and grace. The poet I am sighs. Carefully, I … Continue reading

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How Bad it Isn’t

I touch despair when everything I say is trite or dark or transparent; when everything I think is a poster for stereotypes. Yes, there are writing days and there are reading days. Even with deeply lowered expectations, I shall escape … Continue reading

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