Surface Tension

“I don’t mind the snow, it’s the ice,
it has no surface tension.”
“What do you mean? Of course it has
surface tension, it’s ice. It’s hard. I’d
say that it’s very tense.”
“No. Surface tension is a property of liquids.
In regards to water,
it’s why there is life on this planet.”
“So, you’re saying that ice isn’t water?”
No, I’m saying that ice is not a liquid.”
“And you don’t like ice
because it has no surface tension?”
“Yes. Ice is for skating and chilling refreshments.”
“Speaking of refreshments, I see you have
an adult refreshment there by your elbow.”
“Yes. I’ve been tense lately,
but only on the surface.”
“You’re telling me you have surface tension?”
“Yes, but then, I’m mostly water.”

surface_tensionMelting-ice-polar-bear Title Goes HereIce_and_Water_by_Thelma1

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3 Responses to Surface Tension

  1. bill rendle says:

    Too cute
    Hardee har har

  2. Fager says:

    My kind of Surface Ten Shun.

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