Simple Wish (Acrostic)

Today the veil of snow descends
On the pasture of beach weeds I call the lawn.
Until the weather warms, it will
Lie in state, as does your memory, my furry friend.
Oh, that you could see the white and feel,
Under your paws, the bracing chill of it.
Simple is my wish:
Ever and ever until I follow you home.

photo: Jessica Stewart


About Jim Stewart

Writer at Butt in Chair
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17 Responses to Simple Wish (Acrostic)

  1. casi says:

    I am hoping this is your new beat friend . I be so happy for you. all ok here. love to all Casi

  2. This is very beautiful. 🐾❄️

  3. AnnieO says:

    We never forget our special fur kids, never. Just yesterday I re-read your post, “Muselessness” and T was alive and fresh again. Isn’t it a comfort that our memories – plus talking about (with) these pals keep them alive?!
    And FYI, I am still holding my breath for that sequel to your amazing novel. 😉

    • Jim Stewart says:

      Ah, the novel. Just had a couple at our local watering hole and a couple I know asked me the very same question. I hope to finish the manuscript by the end of the year and publish it in 2024. Keep checking back for progress. I will share.

      • AnnieO says:

        That makes my heart happy, jim. Good to know! Here’s wishing you a clear success.
        PS now my held breath is bated. Whew. (big smile)

  4. Jim Stewart says:

    Yes, thank you. And I still write letters to one of my friends who’s also hiking the Path of Souls.

  5. After losing Sydney recently, this really hits home. My wish is the same.

  6. zdunno03 says:

    Every time I visit your blog I am reminded of how beautiful this poem is.

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