A Glimpse of the Deeper

Would I know your face now?
I like to think I would,
but memory is an often tricky thing;
I’ve known it to add
and to subtract.
What I know
as true may not be;
where I’ve been may
not be where I was.
Memories don’t always cascade.

I fell in love
with your face long ago
but didn’t understand
that love is more than
a feeling, so much
more than I could muster.
Your face was the surface
of a pool from which I drank.
Perhaps I caught a glimpse
of the deeper as you left.

magic face2

magic face

(horses: wallpapers4psp.com; face: ninjacrunch.com)

About Jim Stewart

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4 Responses to A Glimpse of the Deeper

  1. themonumentaljackass says:

    This is probably the most educational poem on love I’ve ever read.

    I learn a lot from you. 😀

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