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Birth Times: Two

(Another essay tired of languishing without a home. ~JimS) As far as mysteries go, birth is the only event I can think of that rivals death in its head-scratching miraculous reality. Humans make a big deal of it. I don’t … Continue reading

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The Quiet

Another essay I want to share. I’d rather have it sit here on narble.blog than hide in my directory structure. ~JimS. It’s late evening. I’m standing on a front porch in Gearhart, Oregon, on the dune I’ve come to call … Continue reading

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Squeezed Grey

I lob my own entrails without consequence or accountability, as if they are profound, as if they aren’t useless, as if they are art. Squandering breath has become a hobby and a habit. Each breath measures part of a poem … Continue reading

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Mother Ship

I float, not breathing— too early for that. I roll around against this and that warm bulkhead. I hear what I will later call the ocean, who will bring back these memories of sea, woman, ship. The Mother comforts the … Continue reading

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To That Which is Not I

You have to start somewhere. Depending on what you’re doing, it is best to start before the ending. I must admit, though, it is not mandatory. Stories can begin with the ending and end with the beginning. However, life as … Continue reading

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