Mother Ship

I float, not breathing—
too early for that.
I roll around against
this and that warm bulkhead.
I hear what I will later call
the ocean, who will bring back
these memories of sea, woman, ship.
The Mother comforts
the mother I am in.
I hear Her voice and
will never be the same.

sperm contact


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5 Responses to Mother Ship

  1. john allen says:

    I am working on another story…”I am the Ocean” How we abuse it, how saving the planet does not matter…the planet will be fine…just not suitable for people…the ocean will make us pay for our abuse. I went for a walk in the jungle yesterday…without the ants, the jungle would not exist….it needs birds, monkeys….everything except people. From the jungle, I walked to the ocean…I wish I could post the picture here I took on the beach at the entrance to the Panama canal…trash…trash…trash…The earth doesn’t need people. The earth will be saved….once we are gone.

    • narble says:

      The analogy I use is that humans are a fungus in a petri dish. We have completely upset the balance with overpopulation. But I think you’re right, things will be okay after we’re gone. One thing that frightens me, though, is the unbelievable about of micro plastic in the oceans. It affects every creature living there. Don’t know, yet, what the ramifications might be.

  2. Deeper than the usual Mother’s Day sweetness and light! I enjoyed this very much!

  3. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Very nice!

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