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Haiku–Bipedal Arrogance

Wet wall gastropod; how sad, I think to myself. The slug laughs at me.   (upper from gardenrant.com; lower from oregonstate.edu)

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Haiku–Damp it All

Drizzle creeps into all of my nooks and crannies. I wear my hat low. (seascape from windows2universe.org; drizzle window from noeleen.eu)

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Haiku–Bow of the Lower-48 Ship

I live in a sog, not a bog, clog, or blog, but rain from Hawaii. (Hawiian rain painting from bbhgallery.com; squall from livescience.com)

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Surface Tension

“I don’t mind the snow, it’s the ice, it has no surface tension.” “What do you mean? Of course it has surface tension, it’s ice. It’s hard. I’d say that it’s very tense.” “No. Surface tension is a property of … Continue reading

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Buddy Elks Out an Existence

(Note: Travel day today. We’re headed 993 miles north, back to the northwest winter. I’m okay with that.–jrs) Dear Biped, Lots of grass to eat today. We’re in that big meadow behind your house, which is mostly dark and has … Continue reading

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Opening for Ironwood #2–Dead Me

(Note: this is one of three openings I’ve written for the “next” Ironwood novel.–jrs) Bucket’s nose in my ear woke me up. I cracked open an eye. It was still dark. I reached out, ruffled his soft ears, and tapped … Continue reading

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Three Bens and a Maybe

It began, as adventures often do, on a regular day with normal weather. It was a Tuesday, I think, and the weather was damp and cold. Great low-hanging clouds drifted up the mountain from the ocean and ripped their bellies … Continue reading

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