Elk on Holiday

Dear Hop-Two-Legs,

Did you see us downtown? That was a fun day. It was nerve-wracking for me, but the youngsters had a good time and the females kept them in line. The grass in the meadow by the Ridge Path was tender and sweet. Big Meadow was pretty good too. The grass by town’s sit-and-watch-the-ocean bench was the best. It was just salty enough.

I did not see you. If you had been there, you would probably have seen the coyotes in the woods and dunes watching us. The guys with those black boxes on their shoulders, talking into those black sticks, did not see the coyotes. If they had, they would have pointed the glass end of their black boxes at them, too. We certainly knew where they were every step of the way. You might have seen them if you had been there. You have a good way of looking and you can think ahead. That is hard for me, but I am learning.

When we were finished in town, we trotted up the beach, back to that meadow behind your house, and hunkered down in the bog. It was a good day. Sorry you missed it.

Your pal,


(town photos courtesy of KGW.com; coyote photo from digital-images.net)

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7 Responses to Elk on Holiday

  1. Morgan says:

    What Gorgeous creatures 😉 I would love to see something like that ! So Thank You!! 😀

    • narble says:

      There are several herds around where I live in Oregon. In the winter, they come down to the beach because food is easier to find. It’s also warmer than it is in the mountains. They stroll down the main street in town like they own it and, perhaps, they do.

      • Morgan says:

        I absolutely Love to hear an Elk Bugle…do they do that alot as well or is that just around the rutting season???

      • narble says:

        I’ve heard it year-round, but it’s rare out of the rut. They will make noise in an emergency, no matter the time of year. They make several sounds, from a hiss, to a bark, to a bugle.

  2. I think I’ve only seen a live elk one time. I love the group shot. 🙂

    • narble says:

      On the north Oregon coast, seeing groups of anywhere from five to eighty is quite a common experience. Everyone has at least one elk story. I guess you could say it’s part of our culture.

  3. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Love it. I have never seen them in a group before. So beautiful!

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